Four Important Things in Designing A Bedroom

There are four important things in designing a bedroom. Of course you should pay attention on these things before desgning a bedroom. Applying these things means equally getting a bedroom which is suitable with your need, type and also budget. When you are building or renovating a house, one of the main focus rooms is its bedroom. Why?

The reasons are very clear. A bedroom is a private room where you can rest, work and relax at the same time. Some people even like to spend their time in their bedroom. In designing a bedroom, as a private area, the bedroom’s need and design also become very personal. Not only having a a bedroom’s standard function, a personal preference also becomes very important in designing a bedroom. However, personal design also needs boundary and consideration as a guidance in designing a bedroom.


Bedroom Sets

If possible, you should start designing a bedroom from the first. This will later make removing or replacing design easier because your need and theme has already been determined from the first time. In designing a bedroom which you want, you should better pay attention on these four important things:

The first thing is to determine you bedroom’s design or style. It is a basic thing in decorating room. It won’t be a problem if it’s new-classic, modern-minimalist, or pop-retro or either eclectic. You should at least determine your theme from the first time.


Wooden-style Bedroom

Then, after determining your bedroom’s design, you should next determine the theme color. A favorite color often becomes most chosen color, especially in teenager’s bedroom. The color you choose doesn’t have to be always in one kind. To make varios texture, the mono-chrome colors or contrast-accent color will be some alternatives.

The lighting also makes an important part in designing a bedroom. Your bedroom would be either lighted from natural lighting (sun-light) or artificial light. You can count them from the very first beginning. This effect of lighting will definitely give the room interior a “soul”. You should at least give enough light to your bedroom in order to make your bedroom comfortable.


New-classic Wooden Bedroom

After determing the atmosphere and concept, the planning in designing a bedroom moves to the material finishing. You should start it from the floor’s type. To create a warm atmosphere, a bedroom should use a wooden-type floor (parquet). However, the other ceramics or tile of granite also gives various choices for pattern and colors. After you made an important decision about which color you should paint on your wall, then are you ready to apply these four important things in designing a bedroom on your house?

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